Chinese Herbal Diet White Tea

Bojenmi Herbal Diet White Tea

Package: 20 tea bags per box, Egret River -the famous Chinese Brand

INGREDIENTS: 50% Fukien white tea (the regular tea with lest caffeine), Hawthorn fruit, Sprout Barley, Indian bread, Tangerine peel, Selfheal spike, Lophanthus, Asian water plantain, Medicated leaven (Dried mass of a fermented mixture of wheat flour and herbs), Adzuki bean, Radish (Dikang) seed, Cassia seed.

DIRECTIONS: Add hot water to brew one teabag for 1-2 minutes, add more hot water to make 2nd or 3rd cup of tea until no taste. The Bojenmi herbal diet tea helps assist the body in maintaining healthy bowel function and manages healthy body weigh.

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Bojenmi Chinese Herbal White Tea
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