Natural Heating Patch

Air-Activated Heat Therapy Patches 
Dr. DL Natural Heating Patch

INGREDIENTS: Iron powder, Activated carbon, Salt, Vermiculite (natural mineral stone) powder, water.

PACKAGE: One large patch of 4 x 5.25" (10 x 13 cm) per pack. Click for more picture. Instant heat up to 12 hours or longer after opened.
The heating patches can not be reheat or re-used again.

DIRECTIONS: For external use only. Open a pack, the Healing Patch will heat up automatically in a few minutes.
Peel and paste (Click for picture) a patch on top of underwear or shirt (Click to see a graphic). 
Do not use it on skin directly for a longer time because the over-heat may burn your skin. 
Monitor heat level at all times, Switch around the location of the patch to avoid skin burn. Remove the patch before MRI and X-ray procedures. 
Ask your doctors for pregnant women and people suffered diabetes, heart diseases.

WARNING: Do not use while sleeping; Do not place extra pressure or use a tight belt or bandage over the patch;
Do not use it on broken or sensitive skin; Do not microwave, attempt to reheat or place near heating elements. 
Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes; Do not use for babies or little kids. (Click for more detail.)

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Natural Heating Patch
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