San Ju Gan Mao Tablets

San Ju Gan Mao Tablets (San Ju Gan Mao Pian)
Patent Chinese Herbal Formula

Package: 60 un-coated tablets per bottles. Manufacturer: Lucky Mart, Inc. California, Made in USA, LW (Lao Wei) brand, All natural ingredients and No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives Guaranteed!

INGREDIENTS: Chrysanthemum (Ju Hua) 360 mg, White Mulberry leaf (San Yie) 350 mg, Reed rhizome (Lu Gen) 280 mg, Platycodon (Ju Gang) 280 mg, Forsythia (Lian Qiao) 220 mg, Coptis rhizome (Huang Lian) 180 mg, Honeysuckle (Jin Yin Hua) 180 mg, Mint (Buo He) 150 mg.

Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate (to make tablets).

DIRECTIONS: Take 3-4 tablets each time with water, 2-3 times daily.

ACTIONS: Classical formula since Qing Dynasty (about 200 years ago) to cleanse the Lungs, disperse wind-heat and cough, anti-inflammation effects similar to Yin-Qiao.

INDICATIONS: 1. For common cold or flu with "Wind-Heat" symptoms, e.g. thirsty, low or higher fever, running nose, nasal congestion with thick, yellow or green snivel, headache; 2. As a basic formula, add other herbs for bronchitis, cough and other body heat symptoms.

PRECAUTION: Not for Wind-Cold symptoms.

san ju gan mao tablets
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